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Things just haven’t been working out.

My big dreams for world domination are simply not coming to fruition. I have been pouring energy into a business that is no longer profitable.

Over the summer, I took a business course to make sure I was covering my bases. Was it my products? My staff? My price point? I let my dear Universe know that I was going to need some answers by year’s end or I would rethink my strategy, direction and maybe even my career.

December is here and I just finished launching my new collection. The dresses are innovative, problem-solving, inexpensive and beautiful. But open cart day came and went and we barely saw any sales. I felt depressed, until I remembered that this was simply the sign for which I’d asked. Source is forever supplying answers to our deepest questions; we just don’t always know where to look.

Timing is interesting. My father, once a brilliant businessman and surely the reason I’ve strived for success, is slowly losing his mind to Alzheimer’s disease. He cares less and less about money and more and more about cute animals and his grandchildren. It’s as if the fact that he no longer cares has given me the freedom to do the same.

With new goals in mind, I spent the last week reflecting on what truly brings me joy, and the answer is creating. When I make something with my hands—paint, sew, or even write—my days are brighter. I am an artist first and foremost. Anyone can maintain an unprofitable business, but no one out there can create what I create. No one. I have my very own dharmic contribution, set of skills and unique starry pastel flavor.

I realized that my business doesn’t have to be my driving force. And, since I accepted that, I’ve actually made more money. Now, I have this really big idea for handmade Power Astro dresses that reflect our deep connection with the Universe itself. It all comes full circle.

If an insane person does the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome, then I believe a sane one listens and reacts to what is working and what is not. Your GPS system is your happiness factor: notice what brings in the most and recalibrate accordingly.

Since this realization, my dreams at night have shifted from anxiety-filled to packed with full-spectrum glorious new ideas; a very good sign that I’m on a bright new path.

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