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Our names are: Chloe Kernaghan and Jaime Wright.

My stomping ground is:

JW: Brooklyn! Just south of Prospect Park in a cute little nook between Flatbush and Ditmas.

CK: Newly moved to Clinton Hill.

I’m known for being: 

JW: Everyone’s best astrologer friend, as well as the voice behind moon missives.

CK: Yoga and movement teacher, space holder for all kinds of practices of self study.

We’re talking about: 

Moon Moment! A workshop that combines astrology, movement and journaling to process these tumultuous times we’re living through!

You can find it at:

Monthly at Live the Process! Next one is October 20. We’ll dive into Scorpio Season and the upcoming eclipses! 

Before I started this work, I was: 

JW: I’m a writer and professional astrologer with a past life as a performing artist. I help my clients track their personal narratives, while also reminding them that everything is part of a cycle and time is not linear!

CK: I’ve always been a mover with choreography and dance as my true love language, but I’ve dabbled working across all kinds of industries, from retail to restaurants to showrooms to being an entrepreneur and starting SKY TING, to consulting work—the list goes on. One thing that always comes forward in all my work is building pathways for connection between people and themselves, others and the beauty of this life.

My interest was sparked when:  

JW: Since I was a child, I’ve been journaling both to process big emotions and just to keep track of the mundane things that fill my days. For a period in my early 20s, when I was so busy and burned out working all over the city at a bunch of survival jobs, instead of describing events, I simply kept lists of all the places I went each day. Looking back on those, they tell a whole story in themselves! The deeper I get into my practice, the happier I am that I have these records!

CK: For me, journaling has always been a way to process and metabolize thoughts and feelings that might otherwise get stuck in my head, going nowhere fast. Writing things out was my first form of therapy, a safe space to let loose, to admit things in a journal that I couldn’t say out loud to anyone else. As I get older (and have access to a therapist, ha!), writing has become more vital as a creative practice. As my world has had to focus more on business and less on my personal art projects, writing continues to be an accessible outlet to flesh out ideas on a regular basis. Writing in the container of our Moon Moment gives me the opportunity to organize myself with where I am in relation to larger movements of the universe. It opens up my awareness to a greater picture, allowing for a mix of inspiration and steadfastness through the cycles of the moon. 

The idea behind it is: 

JW: When I started studying astrology seriously, I realized that the best way to figure out how different transits played out was to see what events in my life corresponded to what was happening in the sky. “As above, so below,” as they say. Along with the astro talk and movement elements of Moon Moment, I think taking the time for reflective journaling at the end might be the most important part! Taking a moment to check in with where you’re at (regardless of where the astrology “says you should be”) provides relief in the moment and clarity in the future.

CK: For Moon Moment, I love our combo of conversation, movement and journaling, which allows for a true journey of exploration to occur focused around very potent material. I think when we carve out time for work like this, we press pause on the quickness of day-to-day life and have the opportunity to mix up our routine. In that mix up is where we can often listen better or notice things that otherwise go overlooked. A great opportunity for checking in and seeing what you need! 

What makes it different is:  

JW: In my personal approach to journaling, I try to write lists or describe events without spending too much space describing how I’m feeling. Often when looking back, I remember how I felt but I don’t remember what exactly happened and the record provided in the journal is a great resource. I hope to cultivate a similar approach with the journaling during Moon Moment.

CK: I think Jaime and I are both big believers in accepting and celebrating the great range that life gives us—the mundane, the mystical, the practical, the fun! In Moon Moment, we’re trying to highlight all that life has to offer and appreciate that nothing really has hierarchy, but rather everything can be an opportunity for further learning and understanding of the self and life. We try to embed the joy of learning and exploration into the work, even when it’s tough!  

My favorite lesser-known detail is:

JW: Astrology works on so many levels from the mundane to the personal to global events, and it also works in micro and macro cycles. It’s valuable to track something as simple as the lunar cycle (from the new moon to the full moon and back again), or as complex as an eight-year Venus cycle. Both give so much information! When we talk astro at Moon Moment, I’m not only digging into the astrology of the present, but also relating back to previous cycles and encouraging participants to look back through journals (or other ways of tracking like their gmail, calendars or camera roll) to spark memories.

CK: Jaime and I met in college and I’ve loved watching her evolution into astrological guidance. She’s always been witchy, but it brings me a ton of joy to see her fully in her element and, after years of collaborating on theater pieces, it’s so fun to create in this new space with her!  

I hope the participants walk away feeling:

JW: I want people to walk away feeling excited to learn more about astrology and the lunar cycles, inspired to integrate astrology as a tool in their life!

CK: A sense of autonomy over their choices and options. Astrology gives us a map, using our body and movement is like tuning your vehicle, journaling is like tapping into your personal GPS/navigation and, from there, you can explore and go somewhere you want to go!

Writing is key to processing because:

JW: Sometimes, when I’m moving through something emotional, writing is the last thing I want to do, but, once I sit down and put pen to paper, I always feel better. There’s something so freeing about releasing the thoughts swirling through my head onto the page and giving them a home.

CK: Writing, especially by hand, slows me down. I literally can’t write as fast as my thoughts, so, by setting an amount of time that I am putting words on a piece of paper, it’s like I’m turning my volume down and allowing for a moment of more quiet space to take over. It’s in those moments that I feel I can actually hear myself best and whatever has probably been hiding under the clutter of noise and busyness has a chance to come to the surface. By writing, I also thread things together, helping me better map and make sense of what’s going on more often than not.

One moment when writing helped me was:

JW: I don’t always do it, but when I get in the habit of daily morning pages, I really set myself up for success for the rest of the day/week/season. I had a particularly fruitful time with it last fall as I was imagining a new era for my astrology business.

CK: Every big decision I’ve ever made! I love journaling, but I’m not the most austere and fall in and out of practice. But at times in life when it feels like everything is crazy and I need to adjust where I am, writing has always been a tool that leaves me feeling more at ease and clearer about what the next steps should be. 

The words I live by are):

JW: Astrology isn’t a belief, but a language. Astrology is the language of time.

CK: Set your sights, string your bow, shoot your arrow. 

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is:

JW: Time is not linear.

CK: An end can always be a beginning.

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