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My name is: Courtney O’Connor. 

I’m known for being: Primally Pure’s in-house holistic esthetician + content curator.

I'm talking about: Our brand new skin-specific facial serums—Clarifying, Plumping and Soothing.

You can find them at: Primally Pure

How it works is: Our new skin-specific facial serums are formulated with potent, plant-based, non-toxic ingredients that support clear, balanced and youthful skin. No matter your skin state—whether you’ve got a good amount of oil production going on, are prone to breakouts, experience premature aging, have sensitive/reactive skin or simply want to maintain the healthy glow you’ve got—these facial oils offer a natural way to deeply meet a variety of needs. 

Since our skin is intended to create a steady output of oil production (one of its main functions is secretion!), when we apply specific, skin-loving oils, they're easily recognized and received by the skin. They’re readily absorbed and assimilated as the nutrients and superfoods they really are—and can even help to balance oil production. Think glowing, not greasy! 

Your skin is fed with the full range of benefits found in whole, unrefined plant oils. Instead of isolating a specific vitamin or nutrient, the entire plant profile (including vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, etc.) creates a more potent and transformative skincare product. 

From brightening the complexion to calming inflammation and increasing collagen levels, our Clarifying, Soothing and Plumping Serums target and treat unique skin needs to powerfully support your skincare routine—and overall sense of wellness.

What makes it special is: Our Clarifying Serum contains anti-bacterial and brightening ingredients (such as Turmeric Oil, Marula Oil and Green Tea) to balance oil production, purify pores, diminish discoloration from scarring and sun damage and even skin tone to create clear, glowing skin. Studies have shown that curcumin—the main chemical compound in turmeric—helps repair hyperpigmentation, visibly brightens the complexion and is a highly effective natural acne treatment. Customers have already been raving about how our Clarifying Serum has significantly improved their skin, almost overnight!

Our Plumping Serum is packed with ingredients rich in vitamins and antioxidants (including astaxanthin, green coffee oil and prickly pear seed oil) to increase collagen levels, soften fine lines and firm skin, stimulate cell turnover, and deeply nourish to promote a vibrant, healthy appearance. According to research, astaxanthin is 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C, 800 times stronger than CoQ10 (that's a lot of times!) and powerfully protects from UV damage, reverses signs of aging, increases elasticity and improves collagen levels. 

Our Soothing Serum is a rich source of powerful anti-inflammatory and restorative ingredients (such as CBD oil, squalane oil and hemp seed oil) to reduce redness and inflammation, repair and strengthen damaged skin and deeply soothe to support a calm, balanced complexion. Our hemp-derived, full-spectrum CBD oil has the perfect ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids to support a balanced complexion and more GLA (Gamma Linoleic Acid) than any other plant, helping to relieve painful, inflammatory skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and acne.

One thing you can’t miss is: CBD oil has gotten a lot of hype in the beauty world lately (and for good reason!). However, the way the plant is grown, sourced and processed significantly impacts the efficacy of the final product. The CBD oil we incorporate in our Soothing Serum is sourced from organically grown hemp plants in the U.S. and is extracted using very little heat for a very short amount of time to maintain the full-plant profile and to optimize the benefits of CBD without damaging the integrity of the plant. It’s even triple-tested to ensure there are no traces of pesticides, chemicals or heavy metals. We’re serious when it comes to sourcing and formulating our 100% natural and non-toxic skincare products! 

primally pure

Each skin-specific serum has been expertly researched and re-formulated again and again to ensure the most effective, potent and nutrient-dense product available. Plus, each serum’s unique scent has aromatherapy benefits for not only your skin, but also your mind and mood. We’re slightly obsessed!

My favorite secret detail is: We handcraft every single product at the PP HQ in Southern California! We receive all of the raw ingredients at our workshop and our “skincare chefs” measure, pour, blend and bottle each serum. Our manufacturing team puts so much care and intention into each and every product. Day-in and day-out, they’re committed to creating the most pure, potent products with fresh ingredients found in nature—no machines or chemicals needed!

Your body will thank you because: Our skin has been designed to absorb what we apply. So, when you feed your face, you feed your whole self. Our plant-based, non-toxic facial serums (for real, you won’t find any hidden fragrances or artificial ingredients on our labels!) encourage a healthy complexion with skin-loving oils that boost your overall sense of well-being. These serums will be game-changers for your skincare and self-care routines, and we cannot wait for you to experience them!

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