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My name is: Pia Baroncini.

I’m known for being: Loud.

For me, what it means to “reset" is: Taking my time in the morning after initial emails to take a bath. It relieves this intense anxiety to rush into my day and makes me more thoughtful about with my work.

This year, my ritual for resetting will be: Stop being weird with food. I’m going to eat my usual 75% plant and clean meats diet, but not feel guilty when I want to enjoy a pizza and then go into a binge spiral.

It’s so important to clear the slate, especially in this challenging time, because: This has been a complete shit show. It’s going to be too heavy to drag all the garbage stuck to us, if we don’t release it.

When I put on my favorite Live The Process piece, it helps me feel: Chic.

One word to encompass my hopes for 2021 is: Hopeful.

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