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My name is: Natalie Lim Suarez.

I’m known for being: Silly.


For me, what it means to “reset” is: To be in nature. I always have to be close to water. 

This year, my ritual for resetting will be: Evening Pilates and stretching at home in New York, followed by writing.

It’s so important to clear the slate, especially in this challenging time, because: Our thoughts are powerful. The better quality our thoughts are, the better our lives get. I always try to stay in a positive, motivated mindset and laugh often. It keeps life exciting and fuels my creativity. Now is a great time to imagine, and I find myself doing it a lot these days.

When I put on my favorite Live The Process piece, it helps me feel: Comfortable in my own body. I can move, dance and be playful in my Live The Process. It’s so versatile and chic.

One word to encompass my hopes for 2021 is: Love. 

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