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Lately, it feels like The Universe has forgotten about me.

I pray for love and success. I meditate for clarity. I affirm to manifest my dreams. I write to cleanse. And yet, for some time now, it’s felt like nothing was coming of it. It’s like The Universe either put me in a “time out” or is too busy training newbie New Agers to help. I keep getting this vision of The Universe as my parent: I’m the older sibling and there are all these new babies taking up the attention. I’m left feeling unloved. Waaaah!

Let me tell you, there was a time in my early twenties when it felt like I could manifest anything in no time! Anything.

Once, when I was 24, I was sitting in a design meeting and saying, “Man! We need star buttons! Where the heck are we gonna find those?” (This was when they were still unusual.) No more than five minutes later, the phone rang and a telemarketer asked, “Do you need custom buttons made?” No joke. It happened. There were witnesses.

So, I spent this last week wallowing and meditating on why The Universe had “abandoned” me. Then suddenly, its voice came through loud and clear and explained that, over the years, I have learned all the lessons I need to manifest whatever I desire. I need to stop praying for The Universe to handle my problems and, instead, pray to myself, within. I am already equipped with an inner guide, who is fully capable—and even designed—to answer my prayers. The Universe had been twiddling its thumbs for years, waiting for me to recognize its powers.

Now, when I affirm or pray, especially for earthly or more human needs, it will be to my “S-elf” (This is a reference to astrologer and poet Linda Goodman, as she said we are all little “S-elves.”)

This is not to say that our guides, ancestors and cosmic soul mates aren’t up there rooting for and helping us every second and every day in every way; it’s just important to understand our roles.

I now believe that we underestimate the pure potential of ours-elves, forgetting that this piece of God called “the soul” lives within each of us—an often untapped and underutilized piece of the puzzle.

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