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Our names are: Jamie Norwood and Cynthia Plotch.

Our stomping ground is: Philadelphia, PA!

We’re known for being: The co-founders of Stix, type-A plus, cat moms. 

We’re talking about: The products and resources women need to make confident health decisions.

You can find it at: Right now, at, plus through retailers like GoPuff and

Before we launched this, we were: Early employees at a consumer food startup, learning first-hand what goes into developing, building and growing a business. 

What inspired us to create it was: Our own experiences. We’re in our late 20s and we’re still learning things about our own bodies and health that we were never taught in school. Plus, when we’ve needed to buy health products, the experience has been inconvenient at best and horrifying at worst—Cynthia ran into her boyfriend’s mom when buying a pregnancy test once!—and we knew there had to be a better way. 

The idea behind it is: Stix is proud to be the brand that our customers turn to in their most vulnerable moments. We work with doctors and experts to create best-in-class health products for people with vaginas, with our offerings ranging from pregnancy and ovulation tests to UTI and yeast infection tests/treatment to vitamins and supplements like probiotics and prenatals. All of our products come directly to our customers in discreet packaging to ensure their privacy. 

What makes it different is: All of our products were developed with direct input from customers. We’re releasing a new design for our pregnancy tests this year after working with our customers to better understand what will make their experience easier. We heard from customers in 2021 who wanted more from Stix and brought it to them with the launch of our vaginal health line. Our products are so vital to our customers, and it’s important to us to be constantly building alongside them.

One thing you can’t miss is: Our Real Talk platform! A completely free, medically-reviewed hub for all of your health questions and interests, Real Talk is the place to visit to better understand your body, learn more about health and wellness and explore the experiences and stories of other people who have been there. Each article goes through medical review to offer the most accurate information, and it’s our mission to make this a space where you can learn without going down the rabbit hole of worrying. 

Our favorite secret detail is: Little notes on our packaging. Our pregnancy test packaging encourages you to “take a deep breath.” We weave tiny moments throughout the Stix experience to make managing your health a bit less intimidating.

What it means to find balance is: To have space in your life for your priorities. We think this looks different for everybody. 

What makes balance so important is: We’re better at our jobs when we’re happy and fulfilled. For us, that comes from spending time with our families and friends, and pursuing our own individual hobbies and interests.

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