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My name is: Jessica Morelli.

I’m known for being: the creator of natural skincare company, Palermo Body.

I'm talking about: Our best selling facial product, Regenerative Facial Serum.

You can find it: On our website and at various retailers countrywide.

How it works is: I developed this product because I wanted something I could use daily in order to promote healthy skin and delay signs of aging. I needed a moisturizer that was effective in staving off dryness, as well as feeding my skin with the nutrients needed to keep my face glowing and youthful. I hate the term “anti-aging” because I feel it’s misleading and gives the impression that you’re not supposed to age. I’m not afraid of aging, but I’d like to do it gracefully and look my best along the way. Our Regenerative Serum is meant to help with just that!

What makes it special is: The product is a blend of 14 plant oils and extracts. They all target cell regeneration and deliver the essential vitamins and fatty acids your skin needs in order to continue producing collagen and retaining water. It’s fast absorbing, so you are able to apply and go, without a missing a beat.

One thing you can’t miss is: The price point. When I formulated our serum, it was for myself, and I wanted a product that resembled the ones on the market retailing for up to $180. But that’s not realistic for my lifestyle, especially for a product I use every day, twice a day. I didn’t skimp on a single ingredient in the formula because I obviously wanted the best for myself. When I priced our serum at $78, I was thinking of what I needed to charge in order to sustainably continue making it, rather than what I could charge for it. I know our customer appreciates that consideration.

My favorite secret detail is: The benefits of CO2 extracts. CO2s are often similar in look and feel to pressed oils, however they retain a wide range of benefits from their plant source that the cold-press extraction process cannot. So, CO2s offer your skin a multitude of benefits that pressed oils lack and have a longer shelf-life, as well. Our Regenerative Facial Serum is made with four CO2 extracts: rosehip, chia seed, pomegranate and sea buckthorn berry.

Your skin will thank you because: You’re choosing to feed it with ingredients it recognizes. Natural ingredients are all the rage at the moment, but it’s not a trend—it’s a movement. Natural products aren’t going anywhere and will soon be the new normal. When I began Palermo ten years ago, it was novel that I was making natural skin products; now, it’s admired. I’m grateful to be part of a generation that values the ingredients and stories behind the things they buy.

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