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If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” — William Arthur Ward

Transformation and evolution are two words I hold dear to my heart. They represent the starting place, the acknowledgment of potential growth—of actively creating more love, abundance, success and beauty in your world. This month, our editorial is focused on what, for me, is the embodiment of that idea: Goddess Manifestation.

In today's world, these two words often pop up, mostly separately, and are used loosely. But when you look back at Ancient Greek times, you see that the goddesses, Hestia and Aphrodite, embodied these principles, celebrating divine exploration.

What if we have the power to make these altering changes through our own magnetism? What if we simply need to focus on the strength and essence of who we are now to create this new world?

It is possible. In fact, we see it all the time. Change is good and, as we know, a constant. If you tap into your experience and all you’ve gained and learned from even the periods of adversity, you can uncover newfound strength and channel it into something tangible.

It’s the goddess within each of us that can create this magic. You are the answer, and it’s your practice and devotion that can bring about evolution. It’s never too late to do something different or try something new, as the intention will manifest into where and what you are meant to be doing. The ability to connect deep within to what you want and need is rooted in self-confidence and a willingness to let go, an openness to living a life you may never have known you were meant to live.

This month, we will be featuring women who have created new worlds based on intention and experience, who started from a vulnerable place in order to land where they are today. I imagine most never thought they would wind up where they are, not realizing how they would come to believe in themselves and help others. Manifestation is a powerful tool on its own, but harnessing the inner goddess within propels the process, guiding your soul to ascension. It is the energy of love and life.

x Robyn

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