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My name is: K’era Morgan.

I’m known for being: A bubbly, extrovert with a love for color, art and design, and a penchant for overalls and jumpsuits. I’m an artist first and that carries through into my design work.

You can find my stuff at: On my website,, as well as in various niche boutiques across North America and larger retailers like West Elm, MadeTrade and You’ll also find my artwork in collectors’ homes across the globe.

Before I launched this, I was: A public relations executive with a fine arts degree, who was craving getting her hands dirty and returning to her visual arts/creative roots.

What inspired me to launch it was: The need to tap into my highest potential. I wasn’t fulfilled in my career and, therefore, found myself mentally and emotionally struggling. By returning to a regular art studio practice, which initially meant drawing and painting for the pure pleasure of it without any preconceived notions, I was able to return to myself and what felt natural and invigorating.

What I create is: I’m an artist, first and foremost. In addition to my mixed-media collage paintings, I create woven decorative goods based off of my original artwork with the hope of elevating everyday objects into artful pieces for the home that are broadly accessible.

What makes it special is: Each painting that could make its way into a pillow or a tapestry, etc. is authentically me. It starts with me, my heart, a brush and paint or pen and notebook. I never follow trends or produce for the sake of wanting others to simply consume more or having something new to share. Everything I create comes from a need to express myself, to share my vision and explore. I work with skilled artisans with whom I collaborate to produce my woven goods in small batches in a sustainable manner.

One thing you can’t miss is: It’s a toss-up between the handwoven floor and lumbar pillows made in collaboration with a weaving collective in Oaxaca and the new collection of framed serpent-inspired prints. Even if you don’t like snakes, these prints are gorgeous and hopefully will make you fall in love with the symbological idea of regeneration and rebirth of serpent iconography found in cultures around the world.

My favorite secret detail is: It’s not really a secret detail, but I love the fact that most of my blankets and pillows are made from recycled cotton and to care for them is as simple as tossing in the washer and hanging out to dry. People always say they love the blankets so much, but they don’t want to use them for fear of them being ruined. But they are designed to be used and loved and passed along. That’s what makes it special and precious in my eyes.

For me, what it means to hold space is: To be present. It is simple as that, although, being wholly present requires a level of awareness that I think we all have to work at daily because of our fast-paced lives. I know there are times where I am physically present, but my mind is somewhere else. Thank goodness for meditation because it’s a wonderful practice in awareness and presence.

Our spaces are so important, especially in this time, because: Home as space has always been of high importance to me, which is why I chose to create decorative items for this space in particular. I think of home as a sanctuary and a safe space for rest, for healing, for fostering knowledge and growth. It’s the root from which we all sprout even if home isn’t always a positive place. Home, as a physical and spiritual place, holds a powerful place. We carry what we learned at home, experienced at home, throughout our lives.

Today’s LA isn’t the Beverly Hills stereotype. It’s more about: The nature and the access LA provides to varied terrain. We have the desert butting up against hilly forests that flatten out to beaches and the ocean.

This type of work can help you live your process because: It may give you pause and allow you to express gratitude for something that is ever so small or slight, but, with that, the ripple effect has taken hold, so that all the little wonderful things add up to something big. Cuddling up in a k-apostrophe blanket or brightening up a wall in your home with one of my pieces of art can have that effect.

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