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My name is: Sarah Polansky.

My stomping ground is: San Francisco, California.

I’m known for being: Founder of Prismatic Plants, an expert in holistic, plant and herbal healing, brand builder, type A personality with a lot of anxiety (why I created Prismatic Plants!), a new mom and a dog mom.

I'm talking about: Our newly launched Melt Tension Serum, redefining how we care for body woes. And our award-winning Good Day and Good Night elixirs which combine a multitude of plants in one easy-to-take formula to help with stress, mental clarity, vitality and restorative sleep.

You can find it at:

Before I launched this, I was: 

Working as a design strategist at an internationally acclaimed design agency where I worked with Fortune 500s. And prior to that I was a professional photographer.

My interest was sparked when: 

I started dabbling more and more with different types of cannabis during the early years of legalization and found great healing (and fun) in weaving in cannabis and other medicinal plants to my daily rituals.  

What inspired me to start this was:  

I had struggled with my own health for years, and simultaneously saw others around me dealing with complex chronic illness. I knew the root of the issue was persistent daily stress that was preventing our bodies from being able to heal itself. I wanted to create a brand and product line that addressed stress and its effects to help busy doers, like myself, feel great again. 

What we offer is: 

Plant-based wellness solutions to take off that stressful edge and help you feel like your best self again.

What makes it different is: 

Not taking the easy route in any product we make. Everything is bespoke and requires advanced chemistry to get our formulas to work (especially with a clean ingredients label). We work with master herbalists and PhD chemists specializing in biomedical technology to create highly potent and efficacious formulas.

Our secret ingredient is: 

Combining an array of complex plants into one product. From adaptogens to functional mushrooms to cannabinoids (beyond CBD) to edible essential oils. 

My favorite lesser-known detail is: 

Good Day and Good Night formulations would have been much easier to create as a pill, but, by having it as a sublingual, it allows the beneficial plant compounds to go directly into the bloodstream and bypass the digestive system where most supplements get filtered out by the liver before they enter the bloodstream. 

And with Melt, it would have been easier to combine these plants into an oil base, but we have everything in an aloe vera base for better absorption and to avoid an oily residue left on the skin, while leaving ultra-hydrating results. We micro-encapsulated our plant extracts which enables deeper penetration than if it was just in a body oil. 

It’s especially important to boost our health right now because:

Life continues to be nonstop. We don’t give ourselves the downtime to reset and heal like we truly need because the fast-paced work, lifestyle, content consumption and collective connection is high speed. We worry that we will get behind if we pause for even a moment.

And with the great shift to working from home, it’s easy to get isolated which can affect our mental outlook and our desire to get out and try new things or be in large social situations. Supporting our mental health is important now more than ever.

My favorite new ritual for self-care is:

Every morning when I get out of the shower, I twist my hair up, grab my gua sha tool and apply Melt all over my neck and shoulders. Melt has enough slip to really work the gua sha to loosen tight muscles and increase blood flow to the face and head. I find that not only does it help with tech neck, but it gives me a morning glow and wakes me up without leaning heavily on caffeine.

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