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I am the happiest version of myself ever.

This joy has deep roots, high origins and isn’t swayed by outside forces. It does not stem from a man, nor birthing a child. My businesses are still in the red, my body sometimes struggles and my father is no longer here to make me laugh—and yet I am soooo happy!

I am so happy, in fact, that all additional joy is causing me physical nausea. Things like: My new favorite friendship with Sandy (who I’m convinced is the future me), an inspiring TED talk given by a magical dude, the dream home I manifested in 30 hours, the serendipity of every moment of my everyday. It’s all making me feel sick with awesomeness. Everything I want is mine. The issue is that I don’t know how to process it yet. It’s more than I ever dreamed I would experience.

Why am I shoving this all this joy in your face?

My reasons are twofold:

1) To give those who are sad hope. I was once very depressed and chemically imbalanced, and now I am not. I want you to know that there are a million ways for you to get through to the other side. It could be meditation, chanting, hiking, singing, herbs, writing or any combination of practices and modalities. Your joy starts with a choice, then you listen and watch for signs as unseen forces conspire to grant your wishes. Your part is then to have faith and take action.

2) For those of you who are already happy, I say we musn’t stop here! Joy is our divine right. Our hearts were designed to be absolutely limitless. Our meddlesome minds trick us into capping our potential, and it’s a lie. Expand your container. How? My assumption is that choice-making will work here too.

There is actually a third reason too: so that you will hold me accountable as I reach for the stars. I ask that you witness as I choose limitless joy, easily and gracefully containing the love of the entire Universe, so as to share it with you all. For my heart is your heart, and a rising tide lifts all boats!


Hayley Starr

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