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Motherhood is a gift that comes with a lot of responsibility, emotional investment, connection and purpose and it encompasses all kinds of nurturers—the women who give us life and/or raise us, our own roles as caretakers to children or animals and the gifts of Mother Earth herself.

Over the last six weeks, while in quarantine with my family, I have had the unexpected joy of spending extra time with my mother. Normally, my life doesn’t offer much downtime; I’m always doing something, going somewhere, planning, experiencing—basically being very New York.

Now, after spending time with my mother during this quieter period, I’ve realized where that nonstop energy comes from. My mother is also a woman who never stops—although maybe it’s in different ways. She’s always caring for everyone else and putting herself last. She would do anything for basically anyone! She always offers her two cents with the most loving intention and, although maybe the kid in me sometimes reacts as if that’s annoying, I know it’s actually just a sign of how much she cares. She has instilled that passion and love of life in me.

In these past weeks, I have finally been able to teach her something in return: how to breathe (as she doesn’t). I’ve taught her about sound and crystal healing, meditation and yoga. I am trying to get her to take a pause, as that’s something I’ve learned to give myself, and hopefully that will stay with her after I leave. I am a food nazi and am extremely specific, so I have even taught her to love green juice, about living a more vegetarian lifestyle and eating primarily organic. I have convinced her that not all of my weird tonics are, well, weird. It’s been amazing to be able to share all of this time. This is my coronavirus silver-lining, as I have been able to give to her, as she has given to me.

Our editorial theme this month is “Motherhood,” which, yes, is partially inspired by Mother’s Day. But it also seems particularly important this year to give a nod to the people who help shape, love and support us, as many families are unable to spend time together right now or are suffering losses. Other mothers, of younger children, are making herculean efforts to educate and shield their kids, stay loving and patient and somehow get work done in the process. Still others are pregnant, waiting to become mothers in a world that is difficult to predict or understand. And others still find that nurturing energy in other places—from beloved mentors and friends, from walks in nature.

Although I am not a traditional mother and haven’t lived that traditional life, I am so thankful to have my mother, as well as my little canine baby, who she actually found for me: Bodhi (meaning enlightening or awakening). He embodies all his name means. He brightens up every day and the world with his personality, unconditional love and spirit for life. He is a little over 3 and couldn’t imagine life without him. This is more than enough to feel thankful for and I am so blessed to be able to be with the two people I love most. 

Stay safe and healthy and love each other!

xo - Robyn

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