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My name is:

Laura Rubin.

My stomping ground is:

Malibu, CA.

I’m known for being:

A creative coach, journaling expert, founder of AllSwell Creative, dog mom.

I'm talking about:

The MOJO Series, a four-part digital series of “slingshot” journaling sessions, kicking off October 19th! 

And one-on-one, bespoke creative coaching sessions.

And, finally, The Deck of journaling prompts.

Before I started this work, I was:

A brand storyteller, marketing futurist, creative director, journalist and editor. I founded and ran a bi-coastal communications and marketing boutique agency for over a decade. 

My interest was sparked when:

I wanted to take the stigma out of journaling, introducing it as the legitimate modality for mental, emotional and physiological wellness it is. Lead with good design. No fuzzy slippers.

The idea behind it is:

I try to make the whole thing enjoyable, accessible. When I lead journaling workshops, I walk participants through an array of different ways to journal that they are probably not familiar with (in many cases, I’ve created them). And I ground the experience in some surprisingly compelling science, so they’re more likely to walk away with a greater appreciation for the act of writing, encouraging them to stick with it.

What makes it different is:

This should feel good. My goal is to provide each individual with a profoundly moving experience while they have fun in the process. Make it visually appealing, have a laugh, play great music accompanied by a lovely cocktail (if IRL) and sprinkle in beautifully inspiring quotes from great writers. Positive associations help participants find their way back to their notebooks again and again. 

My favorite lesser-known detail is: 

I love witnessing people come home to their own hearts and connect with their innermost voices. As Hafiz says, “the seed cracks open.” It happens every time, in every workshop.

I hope participants walk away feeling:

Joyful, motivated, expansive, inspired—and all lit up! Journaling is so much more than a place to bear witness to your own angst. Sure, that’s one valid and important function, but an intentional pen to paper practice also amplifies joy, helps create vision, hones focus, reduces anxiety, boosts creativity, and so much more.

Writing is key to processing because:

I bring people to the page and help guide them towards where the goodies are stored, but, functionally, I’m not telling anyone what to write. That’s all coming from within. And the act of putting pen to paper is uniquely cathartic, particularly in this overwhelmingly digital age.

One moment when writing helped me was:

More than I could possibly count. It’s been the touchstone of my life. That’s the reason why I am on a mission to bring journaling into the mainstream, introducing athletes, business leaders, entrepreneurs, soldiers, conservationists and artists to the transformational power of mindful writing.

The words I live by are:

Your life is a creative act. Each and every day, you are crafting what your life looks and feels like. Too many of us aren’t consciously aware of this beautiful opportunity, and journaling helps us tune into what the truest self yearns for and map how to bring it to fruition.

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is:

Trust your gut. External perspectives can be helpful, but journaling helps you tap into your internal wisdom. Nobody knows what your own, autonomous voice has to say better than you.

Workshop photos by Genevieve Davis.

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