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One of the first things I explain to people before my tarot readings is that I don’t predict the future.

I could sit and tell my clients all sorts of things, but if they then choose to stay locked in their bedrooms for the next six months, nothing is going to happen to them. It’s a simple point I make to remind people straight off that they have to participate in their own lives.

Modern-day fortune telling is about moving forward, not looking forward. The only thing we know for sure is the present moment. Everything beyond that, right now, is completely fluid. We can make plans and lists, but everything is open to change. And help and guidance exist for us in the present. I find this incredibly exciting. It’s why I adore my job. 

I believe it is possible to catch a glimpse into the future. I see time being stacked up, layer-upon-layer of past, present and future moments, all happening at once and all around us like a cascade of chiffon. As an intuitive, it’s easier to peek behind the veils, but it’s still a fluid state, a mixture of the choices we make in the present moment and a pull from the Universe itself.

That said, to tell people that certain things are “going to happen” is to stop them in their tracks. If a client asks when she will find love and is told to look out for a man named “John,” then suddenly the blinkers come on and tunnel vision settles in. She becomes bound. The greatest love of her life could appear, but she will be blind to him if the name happens not to match.

To help clients know when they might find love is to help them discover the blocks they have in their lives stopping them from seeing love.

I see my tarot readings as a form of catalytic therapy that encourages people to regain their personal power. This power comes from being able to take those blinkers off and choose to take a step forward. I help people by giving them tools to shine light on their struggles and to learn from and value the lessons they are facing. Beyond the present moment, our perception of the unknown is entirely up to us. We can perceive it as frightening or as phenomenal.

To get the most help and guidance from a tarot reading, go with questions about fears and challenges. Ask for help and, with that request, choose to surrender and be open to seeing things differently.

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