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My name is: Kim Alexis.

I live in: Scottsdale, Arizona.

I’m known for being: A supermodel in the ‘80s and a clean living advocate.

I'm talking about: Educating others (while learning myself) about what “clean living” means, why it is important and products and practices that are clean. I’m currently writing a new book about clean skincare and makeup.

Before I became interested in this, I was: Modeling, then a mother to three sons and marathoner of eight marathons to prove I was fit and healthy.

My interest was sparked when: I have always thought of products as either working for you and your health or being potentially harmful. Just because a product states on the label that it will benefit you in some way, doesn't mean it can’t be detrimental in other ways.

The idea behind this is: Education and awareness of what you put in and on your body daily and what side effects there can be, either good or bad.

What “Clean Living” means to me personally is: Free from toxins, naturally-derived and beneficial while being nourishing to the body. Even what we put in our minds and what we see and hear is important to our health.

The words I live by are: One my mother taught me is, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is: Sometimes clean, natural products don’t work overnight. That shouldn’t mean you resort to chemicals to get the job done quicker. For example, reducing wrinkles—what is really in the product that makes your wrinkles disappear quickly, and what does that do to your health longterm?

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