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My name is:

Alex Gabrielle Shearer.

My stomping ground is:

Los Angeles, CA, but I’m always on the go.

I’m known for being: 

A health coach.

I'm talking about:

The connection between physical and mental well-being, nutritional psychology and easy lifestyle choices for healthy living. 

You can find it at:

Before I started this work, I was:

Trying to find out what worked for my own body so I could help others find what works for theirs. I was constantly giving my friends and family nutrition and health advice, so I knew one day I would take it on as my job.

My interest was sparked when:

I realized the correlation between my own anxiety and my physical health. That is what really inspired me to combine physical and mental well-being into my practice.

I started working with clients when:  

Before taking the steps to receive my health coaching certification, I was in graduate school for clinical psychology and felt like I needed more. I had always wanted to do something with health and nutrition. Once I was certified through my school to work with clients, I couldn't wait to start.

The idea behind it is: 

The programs I offer are all unique to the client. No body is the same. No experiences are the same. I look at each client as a whole person in order to create a program that works for their body and health goals.

What makes it different is:  

Even though the mind/body approach is becoming more common, I think my focus with clients on how food specifically impacts our mental health is really unique and helpful. Many of my clients come in wanting to focus on their physical body, but we end up doing much deeper work. My clients also have access to me between sessions. I’m their accountability partner and biggest support.

My favorite lesser-known detail is:

Honestly, how simple it can be. Health doesn’t have to be overly complicated and I help people realize that. 

I hope my clients walk away feeling:

Prepared, self-sufficient and confident in their health choices

Having support and guidance is so important because:

There is a lot of information out there, especially with social media. It can become really overwhelming. Having someone help guide you to make your own choices that are right for your body can be really powerful.

A coach who really helped me personally was:

My breathwork coach, Elsa Unege. Meditation wasn't working for me, but I have found breathwork to be so powerful.

My words to live by are: Not all who wander are lost. Aside from the fact that I absolutely love to travel, I use this as more of a reminder than anything. I'm someone who loves a plan and a purpose and this quote reminds me that it doesn't always have to be that way. No set plan in life doesn't mean no purpose.

On truism that helps guide me is:

Having compassion for others will make you happier in return.

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