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My name is: Valerie Grandury.

I’m known for being: CEO + founder of Odacité.

I'm talking about: Sun Guardian Oceanic Glacial Water Day Creme SPF 30, just launched on May 18, 2021!

What inspired me to launch it was: I just love challenges and this one was a big one! To create a truly clean sunscreen without any nanoparticles, silicones, chemical sunscreen, mineral oils or fragrance. One that can replace your day cream with a formula also packed with skin-loving ingredients like aloe vera, green tea extracts, calendula and vitamin E.

How it works is: Broad spectrum SPF 30 UVA (A the UV that ages skin) and UVB (B the UV that burns) in a cream that feels like a day crème.

What makes it special is: It took over five years to create this SPF 30 sunscreen! We blended and re-blended until we got a lightweight crème that melts into the skin with a matte finish and blurring effect that reduces the visibility of pores and unifies complexion.

One thing you can’t miss is: The first ingredient of Sun Guardian is Oceanic Glacial Water (OGW), packing this sunscreen with the renewing properties of the ocean and so many skin-perfecting marine nutrients.

After 2.5 million years of convergence of ocean, earth and glaciers, a very rich clay has developed at the bottom of the ocean, from which OGW is extracted. This OGW contains tons of marine nutrients and natural hydration properties, as well as the purifying properties of the ocean, making Sun Guardian ideal for those who struggle to find a sunscreen that doesn't make them breakout.

My favorite secret detail is: There is no water in this sunscreen, nor in any Odacité formulas. Water has no actives and doesn't do anything for your skin. Instead, we start this formula with the oceanic glacier water and aloe vera juice, to marry sun and skincare in one bottle.

This can bring sunshine to your life becauseSun Guardian stays true to our commitment to sustainability, using ingredients that respect your health and the environment of marine life.

What makes my days sunnier is: All the extraordinary people that surround me; they bring so much sun to my soul. Family, friends, team members, farmers, growers, inventors, entrepreneurs, researchers, doctors, teachers, coach, artists—and so many more yet to meet. You are sunshine!

Delve deeper into Valerie Grandury’s journey here.

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