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My name is: Lev Glazman.

I’m known for being: Co-founder of The Maker.

I'm talking about: The Maker.

You can find it in: Hudson, NY.

Before I launched this space, I was: One of the founders of Fresh beauty.

What inspired me to create it was: I felt that there was a blank space in the hospitality world where one could experience an environment that was highly curated and inspiring. This led to the development of our bohemian sensibility.  

The idea behind the vibe is: The design combines La Belle Époque, midcentury modern and Art Deco styles. When all these periods work together, they create a very eclectic space.  

What makes it special is: The Maker is a place that truly celebrates all makers—artisans, artists, craftsmen and beyond. Each space is different and every room is custom-designed to deliver a unique and inspirational guest experience.  

One thing you can’t miss is: The experience at our Lounge. It’s like a speakeasy and, when you enter the space, you are truly transported. It sparks this “ah-ha!” moment.  

My favorite secret detail is: We have this refurbished fireplace mantle that we built out of three different cabinets in partnership with master furniture restorer Gary Keegan. There is a hidden drawer within it that nobody can find unless it’s pointed out. It’s a big secret and only in one room on the whole property.

For me, what it means to hold space is: When you enter our Maker studio, The Artist, you really step into that world of an artist. We imagined how an artist would curate their own personal space and use it to foster creativity. Holding space is tapping into that sensibility.  

Our spaces are so important, especially in this time, because: They transport and inspire people.  

The energy of our space can help you live your process because: The Maker invites imagination and dreams.  

Photography by Francine Zaslow. 

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