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Our names are: Leslie Hendin and Alissa Sullivan.

We’re known for being:

LH: Imaginative, thoughtful, and calm.

AS: Thoughtful, caring, loyal, fun.

We’re talking about: Liis, our beautiful new fragrance line.

You can find it at: and select concept stores.

Before we created this line, we were: 

LH: A designer and art/creative director.

AS: Consulting on product development in the beauty industry, mostly with startups.

What inspired us to launch this was:  

LH: Alissa and I met in London and inspired each other to start this line after discovering we shared a mutual love of fragrance. We wanted the creative freedom of having our own line.

AS: I had just finished my master’s from perfume school, ISIPCA in France, and was working for Penhaligon’s, and Leslie was studying at Saint Martins for her master’s in design. We have both been obsessed with fragrance since childhood and loved the idea of creating something of our own.

How it works is:

LH: Mist onto your skin, clothing, hair, bedding or wherever you like! Watch as it instantly uplifts your mood and daily experience. It’s about the in-between moments.

AS: We have three scents available. You can wear them alone or combine them. They can be worn day or night.

What makes it special is: 

LH: We obsessed over every detail. It’s really from the heart—a love letter.

AS: This creation is our baby; we have been crafting it for four years. The brand is unisex, but not masculine. It’s niche and inviting. The scents are strong, but not overpowering. They are wearable, ethereal, like a second skin.

One thing you can’t miss is:

LH: The gorgeous packaging and scents.

AS: How amazing you will smell when you wear the scents, and how beautiful the bottle will look on your vanity.

Our favorite secret details are:

LH: We use sustainably sourced ingredients, and our packaging is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council certified).

AS: The cap! It took us over a year to engineer and our logo is hidden on the inside. Also, the box can be reused by removing the tray.

For us, what it means to create a product with purpose is:

LH: Being useful and making sure every element has meaning.

AS: Using our talents to help enrich people’s lives.

It can help you live your process because:

LH: It stays with you throughout the day, like a friend. It can transform your energy, like a song.

AS: It can bring you comfort, uplift your mood and transport you to a new place.

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