Magical Manifestation Powers ICM

Magical Manifestation Powers ICM

I’ve discovered a new manifestation tool: Intentional Choice-Making (or ICM for short). I just came up with that—you like?

I wake up, decide how I’d like my day unfold—what is important to me in that moment—and then exclaim my choices out loud: “I choose to be joyful today! I choose fulfillment! I choose patience towards all! I choose generosity, inspiration, strength, clarity etc.” There are some constants, and some choices are specific and catered to the day itself.

Shifts are happening: Higher vibrational experiences are entering my life and the lower ones are falling off. It’s no longer enough for me to visualize, affirm or just meditate. I can no longer sit passively, waiting for everything to appear, feeling entitled to joy and putting all my eggs in the faith basket.

No, I’m taking direct part in creation and giving my dream delivery team the go ahead. I imagine them saying: “Listen up, everything and everyone! Hayley is choosing happiness, thereby giving us permission to help. Let’s get to work to make that happen.”

I’ve always found reciting wishes in the mirror, looking into your own eyes, to be a good way to speed up the process. If that feels funky, start by saying them out loud as you’re getting ready, showering or driving to work. And, though I prefer to voice mine alone, I imagine sharing them with a loved one, who will witness you and hold your vision with you, could also be powerful.

Wishing you everything,


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