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My name is: Adora Winquist.

My book is called: Detox Nourish Activate: Plant & Vibrational Medicine for Energy, Mood & Love (July 2021).

My background before becoming an author was: As a healer, teacher, essential oils formulator and entrepreneur. I would also say I was a scribe. I have oodles of journals from the last two-plus decades in this alternative medicine field. Notes of formulas, plant and crystal insights, client notes and, of course, my own journey of healing.

I was inspired to write it when: I knew when I was a teenager that I would write a number of books, but it took me another 30 years to publish one. In truth, it feels as though I have always been writing, yet it is much different to craft a book to completion and publication. 

It’s about: How we can heal our core trauma at the DNA level and carve the life of our greatest dreams in relation to holistic living and garnering greater energy, better mood consistently and a deeper experience and expression of harmonious, loving relationships.

The most unexpected takeaway is: I am continually surprised to hear that many of our readers’ favorite parts were where I shared about my past from a perspective of vulnerability. It emphasizes how important common ground and connectivity are. Our human frailties unite us and, at the same time, we can learn, grow and heal from sharing in each other’s authentic truth.

It’s a game changer because: It is practical and accessible, yet has tremendous depth. It is the first book to bring together various versatile threads of healing: essential oils, meditation, crystals, herbs, nutrition, sacred geometry and more to address specific systems of the body to detox, nourish and activate our holistic health and greater well-being.

My hope is that readers will: Create a safe, authentic and compassionate space for themselves to dive deeply into the introspective worksheets and, from there, craft their own specific formulas for healing and personal transformation. I hold the intention for them to become both the alchemy and the alchemist and make their own medicines from the Earth.  

This book can help you open your heart by: The Detox, Nourish, Activate method invites us to come into our hearts and find deeper meaning, understanding and fulfillment. Through the principles of detox, we learn to let go of all the old, dysfunctional ways of being, feeling, thinking, believing and caring for ourselves. In the Nourish phase we learn to love, accept, embrace and deeply care for ourselves in new ways of health and wholeness. In the activation phase, we  learn to harness the power of our vital life force, express our gifts and talents and embody a life of passion and purpose. 

There are formulas for bath, perfumes and other healing remedies for the heart along with meditations and other ways to honor and heal at truly profound levels.  

That’s so important because: Our heart is our center for joy and loving, harmonious relationships. It is the very essence of our own personal universe.

We do not have to repeat the  past mistakes of our ancestors. Your greatest power in life is to love yourself unconditionally. Through the work of personal transformation, we can set ourselves free to live the life of our dreams. 

My next book might be: I have just started my next book. It is about the alchemy of sacred relationship, starting with our primary one—with ourselves. 

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