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Over my years working with the Tarot and now studying astrology, I’ve learned how earth, air, fire and water are more than just parts of nature: they are inherently within us and we can harness their powers and lessons any time we want. 

The important thing is to understand the elements, so we can benefit from their strengths, but not let them takeover. Here’s how to use each one for becoming your best self:



Astrological Signs: Aries, Leo and Sagittarius

Tarot Cards: The Suit of Wands

The Element: Fire is our driving force. It brings us creativity, passion and opportunities. Fire moves, destroys, illuminates and warms.

Impacts: Within us, the fire element is behind anger, restlessness, will and enthusiasm.

Finding Balance: Fire can be great, but with an overabundance, we can grow angry. We need the water element to help us, as that is what calms the fire. Fighting fire with fire in a conflict won’t work, but bringing forth compassion can calm the mood instantly. Feeling your fire-based emotions and recognizing them can help them dissipate, as your body and mind process rather than expel the negativity.

Another possible effect of fire abundance is restlessness. To calm this feeling, we must give ourselves permission to be still without guilt. The water element can bring the balance here, as well. Have a massage, meditate, lay low and recharge.



Astrological Signs: Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

Tarot Cards: The Suit of Pentacles

The Element: Earth provides strong stability. It roots us and gives us practicality and sense.

Impact: Earth absorbs and can be stagnant. Within us, the earth element is behind focus, determination, practicality and stubbornness.

Finding Balance: An overabundance of earth may result in feelings of boredom or stasis. Bring in the positive drive from the fire element. Use creative outlets to help you: paint, dance, sing, move. Let the air element whisk up some ideas. Meditate and use the intuition from the water element to bring forth guidance to encourage you out of your rut.



Astrological Signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

Tarot Cards: The Suit of Swords

The Element: Air energy controls all of our mental thoughts. It gives us our personal strength and will.

Impact: Air is invisible, but powerful; it can bring in movement, destruction and change.

Finding Balance: Anxiety can result from an overabundance of air. When our thoughts feel out of control, we are not grounded in the present moment; we’re flung into the past or future. To calm anxiety, bring in the grounding earth element via nature walks, eating earth foods like root vegetables, getting foot and hand massages, working with grounding visualizations or going for a run. Using the strength of feeling from the water element can soften the fear of anxiety. Use phrasing like, “I feel anxious,” instead of the labeling, “I am anxious,” as a way to regain your confidence.



Astrological Signs: Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces

Tarot Cards: The Suit of Cups

The Element: The water energy brings us our feelings and emotions. It brings forth love, intuition and creativity.

Impact: Water flows. It can overflow, travel and change states. It is an incredible force.

Finding Balance: Too much water can be overwhelming and make us overly emotional. It can make us feel like we are drowning in our feelings. The earth element can absorb this by encouraging us to be practical. If we bring in some focus and method to our feelings, we are able to see them in a new and more manageable light.

Allow this new awareness of the elements to bring you insight and strength!

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