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My name is: Jacobi Anstruther.

I’m known for being: CEO & founder of IRIS Technologies.

I'm talking about: IRIS’ digital sound bath—and how we see a world where you listen well with positive neurological improvement, no matter what you listen to.

You can find it at: We have created a test application which is live via the IRIS app for iOS on the App Store. Users can also find a demo on the IRIS web player at We will be launching our own headphones in the coming months.

I was inspired to start this when: I officially founded the company in February 2018, but IRIS is the product of years of research and development before it materialized into a reality.

How it works is:

When the IRIS algorithm is implemented into an audio stream, it applies a series of transforms in real time. We bring out the “lost” sonic detail of any sound recording and create a rich and immersive experience for the listener.

Essentially, we identify audio information that is present in any recording, but is locked. We unlock this dimension and present it to the listener in pieces, activating their brain in a way that sews everything together into a complete ensemble. It is important to note that only half the process takes place in our algorithm. That is the spatial separation and presentation of audio information. The other half of reintegration takes place in the brain of the listener, thus allowing them full participation and immersion. The listener’s brain is active throughout and, owing to this, the experience of listening is engaging and has a positive neurological benefit.

What makes it special is:

The original purpose of this technology was to create a way of promoting heightened brain activity, wellness and the achievement of “flow state” through the use of sound. The result is a leap forward in audio quality and the immersive engagement a listener can only otherwise experience in a live environment, achieved by fundamentally changing the way our brains engage in the listening process. IRIS Technology enables active listening.

One thing you can’t miss is:

The launch of the IRIS headphones—coming to market soon. We have created a totally unique product, created by the world’s best acoustic and aesthetic designers with cutting edge-technology and, of course, the IRIS algorithm imbedded into hardware for the first time. We are extremely excited about the quality of audio we have created in a product which is beautiful to look at and even better to hear. You can sign up for the waiting list now:

My favorite secret detail is: 

 There are a couple of really exciting features from a tech perspective. For example, we are one of very few headphones in the world using the crisp sound of a beryllium driver. The work that went into creating the acoustic chamber is truly special. Aside from all of these advanced technologies, the headphones have a subtle glow to the design when the IRIS brain activating technology is engaged, so you can see when someone is “listening well.”

Your body will thank you (especially during this difficult time) because: 

Your body and your mind! The early neurological research on the IRIS tech shows an increase in gamma waves, reduction of heart rate, an improvement in heart rhythm and an increase in heart rate variability, an increase in flow state, an increase in information absorption and stimulation amongst other results.

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