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Why why why, oh why, do we withhold our “likes” and love from the people in our lives?

Do you know that a small amount of dopamine is released every time someone sees a “like” on his or her Facebook post? (FYI, according to the Urban Dictionary, dopamine is “The kick ass chemical in your brain that makes you feel and do happy things…whatever they may be.”)

So, I repeat: why would you ever want to withhold this feeling from anyone, let alone someone you call a friend, when all it takes is the simple click of a heart or upward facing thumb?

Every day, we should go through our social media feeds and indiscriminately “like” everything we see, unless we specifically dislike something. Why? Because we know it’s going to make our peoples feel good. Then they will hopefully go about their days with a full tank of dopamine and pay it forward, creating wonderful, far-reaching circles of liking and loving all over the planet.

I’ve heard a few lost people explain that they like to be discerning about their “likes;” it is their image, after all. Let’s see: Hmm. Your ego vs. causing a chain reaction of love that might save the planet? Get over yourself!

Just as perplexing is our reluctancy to use the word “love,” even when we feel it. Are you aware that love is all there is and the answer to all our problems on this planet? Love everything. Tell everyone you love them all the time.

Heck! Even nature needs to hear it. There was extensive research done by a Japanese man named Masaru Emoto on the effects of words on water. In his volumes of books, Messages from Water, he explores and photographs the crystal designs in water, fragmenting when exposed to negative words, music or sounds. Conversely, if exposed to positive thoughts and words (like “love”), even polluted water restructured itself into perfect crystal shapes.

What does this have to do with you? Isn’t it obvious? If words can affect water, what do you think those words, sounds and violent TV shows, for example, are doing to you and those you care about? Plus, your body is 65% water.

Clean it up, people. Say kind things to loved ones and strangers alike. This planet can be a tough and dark place and the survival of the human race just may depend on your kindness.

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