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Hematite helps to dissolve negative energy and works as a shield of armor for any person or thing. It can be worn to focus energy patterns and emotions, for better balance between the mental, physical and spiritual. Hematite is also good for increasing intuition. It has special electric and magnetic qualities, enhancing your ability to receive channeled information.

This stone can help create calmness and peace, allowing you to be more centered with realistic expectations. It will aid you in reaching for your dreams, while staying grounded in the practical world.

Hematite’s use as a healing tool goes back to ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. It has been found adorning artifacts and jewelry in the tombs of the pharaohs.

Use this gem to transform negative energies into loving ones and to nurture your own inner peace, happiness and self-control. Hematite makes it easier for you to love others. It stimulates your aspirations regardless of what you perceive as possible or impossible, releasing all judgment.

Hematite is an excellent stone to keep on your desk to refresh your aura and counter the ill-effects of electromagnetic conditions from your computer. It assists in grounding your anxieties, while adding a healthy level of spiritual energy to your everyday reality. It can be used to create calm, dispel fear and induce tranquil sleep by pushing out old emotional wounds and bringing in renewed peace, love and joy.

Ultimately, hematite is good for mental dexterity, simplifying and solving complex problems and sharpening technical skills. It can help you to improve or understand a personal relationship too.

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