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My name is: Natasha Poniatowski.

I live in: NY.

I’m known for being: I used to be in fashion, which is how I know Robyn Berkley. I ran a fashion incubator for up-and-coming brands, LuxCartel. Today, I have launched a food business called “Laroot World.” 

My interest was sparked when: I realized that unless someone forced me to plan what I’d eat, I didn’t eat well. And I also realized that there was a division between delicious and good for you in the meal delivery space. I really wanted to unite both.

The idea behind it is: Laroot World is a weekly organic, GF, local meal delivery. We are a foodie business, so our food is full of flavor. We are a wellness business, so all the dishes and ingredients are vetted by our medical board of Western, ayuverdic, and Traditional Chinese Medicine professionals. And we are a discovery business. Each one of our dishes has origins in a specific place in the world and, by eating it, one can connect to that place’s culture and soul.

A special, lesser-known detail is: Our menu design process is unreal. Every week, our customers receive six dishes that are absolutely delicious by my prissy standards, let the client discover one place in each of the world’s continents (so you won’t have two dishes from Europe or two dishes from Africa etc.) and then they have to be vetted and conform to the nutritional practices of ayuverda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and, of course, Western standards. Effectively, our menu planning is Tetris at its finest. 

Something new I’m doing is: We are just starting our postpartum menu. It will be available on our website any time.

One of my favorite things (that I didn’t create) is: Smythson notebooks.

The words I live by are: It’s not or it’s and. 

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is: Life is vibes.

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