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My name is: Zena Scharf.

My stomping ground is: West Adams/Culver City, LA.

You can find me at: Highly Likely, my go-to café in West Adams.

I’m known for being: At the farmers markets multiple times a week, and always cooking.

I'm talking about: L.O.S. (lemon, olive oil, salt)—my small but mighty food company, driven by seasonal farmers market produce, simple clean flavors, sustainability and education. And I’m working on a CBD medicinal mushroom chocolate line—more details coming soon!

You can find it at: Anytime! For catering, DM me Chocolates are still in an early phase, but will be available shortly.

What brought me to LA was: Originally family, then escaping the New York winters.

Before I launched this, I was: A private chef for high-profile clientele, such as Robert Downey Jr., Jay Z and Beyonce.

What inspired me to create it was: The farmers markets and connection to the farmers. L.O.S. showcases the amazing variety of local produce and the farms and people sharing it with us. For the chocolate, I was inspired by Paul Stamets and my mother’s neighbor’s cacao in Brazil.

The idea behind it is: Sharing food medicine, whether it be through beautiful fresh meals or through a reishi or lion’s mane mushroom.

What makes it different is: The combination of chocolate, CBD and medical mushrooms as a high-end, beautiful treat. 

One thing you can’t miss is: The numerous medicinal benefits of so many mushrooms. Lion’s mane stimulates nerves to regrow; reishi reduces stress and boosts the immune system

My favorite secret detail is: Food and mushrooms often look like what they support in our body.  Red foods, such as beets, help repair and reactivate red blood cells. Lion’s mane supports cognitive function and looks similar to a brain.

Today’s LA isn’t all breast implants and Beverly Hills (like the stereotype). It’s more like: Hiking to waterfalls, holding tea ceremonies and practicing Iyengar yoga. Oh, and the beach, of course, where we see dolphins almost every time!

What helps me live my process in LA is: Maintaining my connection to nature, watching the sunset, gardening and hiking.

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