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My name is: Kate Van Horn.

I’m known as: A yoga/meditation teacher, blogger/influencer, co-founder of The Good Fest, tarot reader and business mentor.

My expertise is in: Trauma-informed yoga and movement that brings healing and release to the energetic body.

I stay physically healthy with: Adequate sleep! I really prioritize seven to eight hours of quality sleep because it sets me up to make better choices with my movement and workouts, my diet, etc. I also have been loving spin classes because they’re so much fun. I will always love my yoga practice, but it’s important to spice it up and add some intensity sometimes.

I keep my emotions balanced with: I’ve started attending a women’s circle at WMN Space in LA biweekly and love the connections I’ve made there, as well as the opportunity to release my week and share so vulnerably and openly as a guest. My very intuitive and beautifully supportive friend leads the circles, and to not be the person holding space is such a gift. It’s important for teachers to always remain the student in settings, as well.

I’m intellectually stimulated by: Podcasts! I will admit: Staying focused and committed to a book, cover-to-cover, is very hard for me. I’m onto the next thing! I blame my Gemini moon.

So, podcasts are ideal, as I can be on-the-go and still learning a great deal. There are countless I enjoy but Almost 30, Katie Dalebout’s Let it Out and Jessica Murnane’s One Part Podcast are three to which I always return.

I was recently transformed by: A trip to Italy! I led a retreat there and that alone was transformative, but I extended my stay with a close girlfriend and we had the best time! I used to be extremely fearful of travel, so to be across the world and just present was incredible. I kept patting myself on the back for getting there, allowing myself to just be joyful and have fun, eat all the food and drink the wine with no guilt or body shame. I was simply living wholeheartedly, and that felt more nourishing than any green juice or workout has in a long time.

I also taught at the most amazing retreat center, Danena Sicily. I cannot recommend going there enough!

In the last six months, the ritual that has become so important for me is: I deeply connect with my tarot deck. I pull a card once a day. I love the tone it sets for me and how I continue to discover new things about the practice and myself.

I also feature a breathwork technique called “breath of joy” in every one of my (in)BODY classes—and do this practice almost daily, as well. It really shakes things up in the energy body and gets you grounded and within your physical body.

Here’s how you can do it too: If intention, oracle or tarot cards are interesting to you, find a deck that speaks to you. This means a deck that has imagery that feels warm and inviting to you. Then, start choosing cards once a day (or when you’re called to). Find a process that feels best to you, and, before choosing, simply take a few deep breaths, find some stillness and ask for your guides to support you in learning what needs to be brought to light or what lesson/takeaway you might need.

For breath of joy do the following:

Start standing, and activate a 3-part inhale, 1-part exhale. The inhale feels like three small sips of air through the nose (inhale, inhale, inhale), filling the whole torso with air. The exhale is a large sigh out the mouth, a complete release making a bit of noise.

Once comfortable with the breath, add the arms: first sip of air, the arms swing overhead; second sip, they swing out to your sides; third sip, back up above the head and, final exhale, they drop down and you release the torso, head and neck over your thighs, forward folding and completely dumping your body over your legs. Make it dramatic! The more you take up space and feel freedom in the limbs and body, the better.

It helps me live my process because: I encourage intuitive eating, movement and connection to the emotional body. Tapping consistently into my own—through cards and breathwork—is the only way I’ll be able to continue the work, so I can show up for others and guide them.

Take a “Moment” to learn more about Kate Van Horn’s journey here.

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