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My name is: Loria Stern.

I’m known for being: A chef and baker, especially of my flower shortbread cookies, which I ship nationally. 

I’m talking about: My food—particularly my new vegan gluten free flower brownies. They are so delicious.

You can find them: On my website.

What inspired me to launch Loria was: I’ve always loved to cook and, more succinctly, to feed people. It makes me happy to make other people happy (and full!), so that was what most inspired me to start a career in the culinary world.

How it works is: I have two employees, who are awesome girls; they're both a decade younger than me, but we have so much fun baking (and cranking) in the kitchen!

What makes it special is: I use all natural ingredients to decorate and flavor my food, whether that means all natural ingredients and techniques that help yield the brightest results and/or the use of edible botanicals to flavor and make a dish beautiful, flavorful and healthy.

One thing you can’t miss is: Our ingredients from local farmers, who work so hard to grow healthy food that’s full of integrity and ultimate freshness.  

My favorite secret detail is: Putting good energy into the food I create. I really believe that cooking is an art form and the chef must be in a good place, with a clear, present and positive mindset, to create healthy and delicious food that will nourish someone else.  

For me, making/creating has been important in this challenging time because: To be honest, it has not been more challenging for me, though I know it has been for so many people. This time has actually been beneficial for me, as it has allowed me to fully embrace being at home with all my projects I’ve been putting off for years!

I hope people experience my creations as an act of self-love because: My food is healthy, full of quality ingredients and made with utmost care.

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