Jasmine, I'm Yours

Jasmine, I'm Yours

I've been obsessed with jasmine flowers as long as I can remember.

Currently, I have an Arabian Jasmine plant in my bedroom and a Common Jasmine (Jasminum officinale) on my porch.

The plants grow all over California and, although they bloom most of the year, the highest concentration of flowers graces the vines during summer. Its edible, fragrant, white blooms create a sweet scent that reminds me of warm summer evenings, breezes insinuating vacation days full of freedom and days spent running barefoot in my dad's garden. I could put my face in the flower clumps and breathe deeply for hours; they help me unwind.

Still, as strong as their scent is, it is elusive and difficult to capture in perfume form. Growing up, I tried every jasmine fragrance I could find, but none captured the true spirit of the flower's powerful fragrance. That is how I discovered essential oils: searching for that perfect aroma.

Jasmine essential oil came closer to the hypnotic smell I craved than any other scent. I would add a few drops to a bottle of water and use it as a face and body spray to get the heavenly experience. Uplifting, euphoric and an aphrodisiac, jasmine blossoms are a wonderful addition to herbal teas, baths or beauty routines. On the skin, jasmine soothes sensitive areas (greasy or dry), as well as helps reduce the appearance of scars.

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