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My name is:

Nitsa Citrine.

I live in:

Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I’m known for being: 

A lover of tea, herbs, vibrational nourishment and alternative paths to healing, up-cycling advocate, host of the podcast Soundfood and aspiring regenerative human being.

I'm talking about: 

Living in gratitude.

Before I started practicing this, I was:

I was fortunate to be raised by two relatively conscious parents in one of the more alternatively-minded environments up and down the coast of California. So, gratitude for the earth and human experience has been an integral part of my foundation. As an adult, I ended up working as a creative director and spent a huge chunk of my time in the marketing and business realms, which led me to experience a spectrum of realities and develop my own toolkit for life. But I always found my center in returning to a place of service and gratitude. 

My interest was sparked when:

Tuning into a state or frequency of gratitude has been the single most grounding and liberating force in my life. Whether at a high or low point, gratitude always helps me tune into my most authentic self and rebalance when I’ve lost my footing.

When I was working as a CD, I put the phrase, “Thank you for being here,” on all our packaging—and it felt so right. Now, I would edit the phrase down to  “thank you for being” and try to imbue that message in whatever I create and share.

The idea behind it is: 

Firstly, I think to recognize the simple blessing of being alive, in a body, is a great place to start. There is a one in 400 trillion chance of being born, so simply existing is a miracle when you really think about it. 

Of course, as we experience the ebbs and flows of life, we can forgot this. One effective way I tap into a state of gratitude is making a “gratitude list” first thing when I wake up. In that liminal state between dreams and awakening, I take a few minutes to list out everything and anything I am grateful for that morning: my sleep, the sound of the birds, the texture of ice linen sheets, the amazing support systems in my life—even the challenges!

Taking the time to articulate these gratitudes and imprint them onto your field, even on the days when you really have to dig for it, is so helpful!

My work is an expression of gratitude because:

Being here, being able to work or cultivate a spiritual or well-being practice, feels like a blessing in itself. The storyline and medium changes, but the essence remains the same. Soundfood feels like a very tangible example of gratitude work  for me. I created the podcast as a way to open up a dialogue, exploring multidimensional sources of resonance and nourishment. It specifically honors the beings and practices I am most grateful for bringing light into my life and our community. 

Gratitude improves your life—and our collective experience on this planet—because:

Being here on earth is a huge opportunity and blessing, and, the more we realize this, the more we can begin to have a positive impact on our collective evolution. When I tune my frequency to one of gratitude, I tap into a higher vibrational state. It instantly puts everything into perspective and connects me with a sense of purpose and unity that feels deep, powerful and true. 

The words I live by are:

I am constantly returning to poem by Gary Snyder:

For the Children

The rising hills, the slopes,

of statistics

lie before us.

the steep climb

of everything, going up,

up, as we all

go down.

In the next century

or the one beyond that,

they say,

are valleys, pastures,

we can meet there in peace

if we make it.

To climb these coming crests

one word to you, to

you and your children:

stay together

learn the flowers

go light 

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is:

You are a miracle! We are all miracles!

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