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In life, when we resolve to do something, it is very powerful. That’s true whether we want to start exercising more, find inner peace, drink less or change who we attract in relationships.

Intentions followed by actions are remarkable feats. The ability to consciously adapt and rewire, to change behavior, chemistry, neural pathways and thoughts, is incredible and profound. One need only shift his or her interaction with reality and reality will begin to change.

Understanding the mechanism of intention and action is crucial to manifesting it in a sustainable way. First, you must remember that when you enact an intention and action that is unfamiliar, you are doing something new. That may seem obvious, but newness or any experience outside your comfort zone is beneficial in the long run, but also takes a toll on your system. To change is to deal with stress. And when high levels of stress occur, your system wants to revert back to its default: the behaviors, thoughts and actions that are most engrained.  So, be mindful of your external stress levels when trying to adapt and make a change.

One helpful tactic is to write an explicit list of the reasons you’re trying so hard to evolve. That way, when the external and internal stresses inevitably arise, you can pull the list from your wallet and remind yourself why it’s worth staying on that path.  Another option is to buy a new bracelet or ring with the sole purpose of wearing it all of the time as a reminder of your intention and to give you a tangible tool for bringing your focus back to accomplishing your goal. 

While you may not be able to control the external stress, you can remind yourself of the benefits of choosing to experience change. Often the recognition of choice is sufficient to help settle the mind.

I wish you the best, as you exercise the greatness of your human potential.

photo credits: felicia simion


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