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My name is: Neel van Lierop.

I’m known for being: the founder and creator of Inner Compass cards (who lives between Amsterdam and LA).

I'm talking about: Inner Compass cards, which I hope will raise more awareness in the world. I believe change starts from within.

You can find it at: Our website and in many yoga studios and gift stores around the world, as well as Anthropologie UK.

How it works is: There are many ways to use the deck; find out what works best for you. Maybe you like to draw a card every morning and use it to guide you through your day? You might pick a card periodically to shed some light on an urgent issue or question you might have. At other times, you might need help to find a way out of a situation. In the end, maybe you just want to leave it open, letting any inspiration or associations come freely upon drawing a card.  

What makes it special is: The cards pair modern aesthetic with ancient philosophy to create simplicity for our scattered and overcomplicated monkey minds. By pulling a card at random, your subconscious is able to react and respond intuitively, creating a dynamic space for reflections and release. Sometimes it’s nice to know that you are heading in the right direction. Your path is your path.

 One thing you can’t miss is: Me-time! Such a great gift and yet we struggle with giving it to ourselves.

My favorite secret detail is: I’ve studied the Mayan calendar for years. There’s a lot of hidden references to this ancient wisdom in the cards. The original Tzolkin calendar is hard to understand with the rational mind, so I tried to translate seven of the 20 Mayan signs into a comprehensible themes that are part of the deck now. The designs of these themes originate in the Mayan calendar too. I guess only trained eyes would see that. I secretly hope that more people will become interested in unpacking this ancient knowledge.

Your body will thank you because: When your awareness raises, you’ll make better choices, resulting in less stress and diseases. At least, that’s what I experience. I feel younger and fitter than five years ago. 

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