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Our names are: Lillian Tung and Laura Schubert.

We’re known for being: CEO (Laura) and CMO (Lillian) and co-founders of Fur.

We're talking about: our new Wash Cloth and Ingrown Eliminator wipes.

You can find them at: Ulta Beauty online since March, but coming to 300+ Ulta Beauty stores in May.

How it works is: Fur started as the first line of products dedicated to pubic hair and skincare, but has now expanded into a variety of all-over body care options for every gender, hair type and body type. When we decided to launch our two new wipes, we wanted to create products that were great on the go and could allow users to take a moment of self-care, no matter where they are or what they’re doing. There are a lot of wipes out there, but ours are special because—like our entire product line—they target ingrowns and irritation anywhere on the skin, while still giving you that quick refresh.

What makes it special is: Both wipes are gynecologically-tested and work great for both the face and all over the body, so they won’t upset the natural pH balance of your skin. Ingrown Eliminator targets irritated skin and ingrowns, while Wash Cloth removes bacteria and softens skin.

One thing you can’t miss is: The lactobacillus ferment in Wash Cloth that helps build collagen, while inhibiting bacteria, and the lactic acid in Ingrown Eliminator that works as a powerful AHA to eradicate dead skin cells and brighten uneven skin tone.

Our favorite secret detail is: The main ingredient in Wash Cloth is actually Fur Oil! We wanted the user to be able to feel cleansed, while also keeping that skin and hair silky soft.

Our favorite secret detail about Ingrown Eliminator is that it’s shaped like a little mitt to pay homage to the exfoliating cotton finger mitt that comes with our Ingrown Concentrate bottle!

Your body will thank you because: You’ll feel utterly refreshed after using Wash Cloth, and ingrown-free after one swipe of Ingrown Eliminator.

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