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My name is: Donnie Soddu.

I live in: Westport, CT.

I’m known for being: The founder of High Light Rituals.

Before I created this, I was: Working as a marketing leader for beauty and fashion brands.

My interest was sparked when: My world exploded when I became a mother! I was raised playing outside, but lost appreciation for the outdoors when I started living in cities. Almost immediately after having my first child, I was drawn to return to nature. I had a lot of healing to do at the time, and I started spending my free moments forest bathing with my young family, foraging outdoors, walking barefoot in the grass, slowing down to appreciate the fragility of life and the delicate interconnectedness of all things. High Light Rituals was born during this time of my personal regeneration.

The Goddess, Mother Earth, is still my source of strength and inspiration. My connection to nature helps me feel whole, giving me an inner sense of belonging, calm and compassion that I can draw on to create, heal or manifest.

The idea behind it is: High Light Rituals is a fine jewelry and ritual décor brand created to help people reconnect with themselves and with nature. Adorning ourselves and our spaces—our sanctuaries—helps us tap into our divine feminine power. Goddess manifestation is most powerful when we honor ourselves, taking care of our spirits and being present in our bodies.

Our intention is to create meaningful pieces that will awaken people to the magic within them and around them. Each item is designed to serve as a reminder of an intention or as a tool for spiritual practice, whatever that may be.

What “goddess manifestation” means to me personally is: To me, goddess manifestation is drawing on your innate wisdom and power to embody your highest self.

One tip for manifesting your strength is: Get outside and look for natural elements that embody strength and resilience. Like a waterfall or a towering tree or a clamshell. Surround yourself with (or call to mind) these natural objects that effortlessly demonstrate the strength you want to manifest. Use them as reminders of your own inner power. 

Drawing out strength and power is not about what’s good and bad in our past, but rather: Integrating all aspects of our experience, appreciating the lessons these experiences have given us and graciously accepting the person we have become.

The words I live by are: Be the beauty that you seek.

One truth that is so important, but people don’t always realize is: “Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.” — Edward Abbey

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