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My name is: Alexis Smart.

My stomping ground is: Joshua Tree, California.

I’m known for being: A flower remedy practitioner and the founder of Alexis Smart Flower Remedies.

I’m talking about: My flower remedy called  “In Love.”


You can find it at:

Before I launched this, I was: A model and actress. Mostly commercials. A very different life.

My interest was sparked when: Flower remedies cured me of panic attacks 20 years ago. I knew right away this was my calling. 

What inspired me to start this was: All of my flower remedy formulas were developed while I was working one on one with people and making custom formulas. I treated so many people from all walks of life, with different concerns, but all of them had been wounded in love. How they were shown love (or not shown love) in their childhood informed their feelings about themselves and how they loved. I wanted to create a formula that could help people access true love. 

The idea behind it is: To love and to  feel loved.

In Love flower remedy was formulated to help you access the bliss feelings of being in love that reside within you, whether you are in a partnership or single. It imparts self-love and worthiness (a key piece in choosing loving partners). It encourages love without possessiveness or jealousy and helps you open to love if you have closed your heart due to self-protection. It’s also amazing if you are looking for a partner and want to break the pattern of past unhealthy romantic choices. It gives you wisdom in love. 

What makes it different is: In Love can heal old, deep or buried wounds of abandonment and past toxic love experiences. It is remarkable that things so gentle as flowers can be catalysts to such change, without years of therapy and processing, without intense drugs or shamanic experiences. The healing vibration of the flowers accesses our subconscious, where the energetic imprint of our painful past resides, and replaces that pain with the pure feeling of love that is our birthright.  

One thing you can’t miss is: Most people take In Love because they want to call in a partner or are having relationship difficulties. But then once they take it, they are blown away by what they describe as a feeling that their hearts are bursting open with love, in a general sense. A blissed out love for the world. They liken it to ecstasy or the feeling you have after an amazing yoga class or sex.

My favorite secret detail is: Because In Love helps you break patterns and make healthy choices, you can see benefits in all areas of your life, not just romantic. You will notice that suddenly you are making really wise decisions in your friendships, business and life choices (even down to eating right). When your decisions are informed by a feeling of worthiness, the outer life will reflect that and you will get so many gifts from the universe. 

What it means to open your heart is: As I mentioned earlier, we often think that opening the heart means opening it to another person. But open-heartedness is a state we can exist in without a romantic partner. We are beings of love. We have forgotten this because of our daily stresses, the harsh world of aggression and greed, but love is our natural state. And in love, there is such bliss. With an open heart, there is so much joy, gentleness, kindness from strangers, connection to nature, removal of physical pain. Then, when you meet another who is existing in that same vibration, how wonderful it is to share your heart.

When you show self-love, it opens your heart because: All love is expansive and healing. When we love ourselves, we trust that another can love us, that the world is a benevolent place. 

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