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My name is: Becca Zeigler.

My stomping ground is: New York, NY.

I’m known for being: A color specialist and educator.

I’m talking about: Plant-based color!

You can find it at: Spoke & Weal Soho.

Before I started this work, I was: In college studying fine art and art history at Kent State University.

My interest was sparked when: I became a vegetarian and more aware of my impact on the planet.

What inspired me to start this work was: Striving to live a cleaner, healthier life in all areas.

What we offer is: Custom color that is safer for us to use and safer for our clients. Our color line (Aveda) is 100% vegan and it always has been. Aveda does not test on animals. The performance is also superior. Most color lines are pre-mixed. We use Aveda because it’s better for us, the environment and also it is the most customizable line on the market.

Our secret ingredient is: Communication! Our in-depth consultation combined custom color is a mix that cannot be replicated, easily. Every look is customized, which is why we don’t have options like “partial nightlight” or “root touch” etc. Whether you’re receiving a cut, color or treatment service, we will always have an in-depth conversation about your desired look and lifestyle.

My favorite lesser-known detail is: Our powder bleach includes natural conditioning oils that make scalp applications more comfortable for our platinum blonde guests.

Using botanicals connects you to the earth because: Plant ingredients feel right. One of the greatest things about the products we choose to use in salon is that they do not have synthetic fragrances. Every scent is plant and/or flower derived.

A relationship with nature is so important because: Nature was here first and will be here long after us! We must give back and treat the Earth with care in as many ways as we can. Making step changes is so important, as most of us don’t have the resources to completely change our lives. I am a big advocate of step-change and sustainable changes. For me, it means starting with beauty and health, then moving on to conception and lifestyle awareness. A saying we have at Spoke & Weal is, “Something is better than nothing,” which means taking action, however small, is better than taking no action at all.

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