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My name is: Kelley Wolf.

My stomping ground is: Vancouver, British Columbia and soon to be Salt Lake City, Utah.

I’m known for being: An executive and life coach.

I’m talking about: My recent book: FLOW: Finding Love Over Worry.

Before I started this work, I was: In broadcast journalism and non-profit work for refugees.

My interest was sparked when: I studied clinical psychology and wanted to work in the coaching field with the backing of a clinical perspective. 

I started working with clients when: My second child was born in 2012. I felt called to be in the helping fields.

The idea behind it is: FLOW is a method. It is based in thought work, similar to Byron Katie. When we challenge our thoughts and become conscious of worry, we can work to rewire the brain.

What makes it different is: Most of us believe we do not have any control over the worry in our heads. We believe we have to live with the discomfort of ruminating thoughts. FLOW is a very simple and easy to remember technique we can all do at any time.

My favorite lesser-known detail is: I use FLOW every day of my life because no one will ever be free from all worry. We just need to learn to see it and to do something about it. When I practice what I teach, my life tends to be much more pleasurable.

I hope my clients walk away feeling: Peaceful. I hope my clients walk away knowing they are surrounded by love.

Having support and guidance is so important because: The world is hurting and each one of us that begins the process of healing will help to heal the world. 

A coach who really helped me personally was: He’s not a coach, but he should be. My husband Scott Wolf. He is the most masterful coach I have ever known.

My words to live by are:

We have much more power than we think. The power to choose your thoughts can allow you to see a situation through an entirely different lens. When your life takes turns and you are feeling unsteady, you can choose to believe you are being guided in the right direction for your life. What may seem like a setback, could be a set up for something much better than you could ever imagine. 

One truism that helps guide people is:

Choosing to see the world as a mostly good place, filled with mostly love, will change the course of your life. The biggest trap I see is when people start to believe the world is intrinsically bad and, therefore, only bad things will happen. How we perceive the world is how we experience life. This is not pollyanna, this is choosing to give into the love that abounds, instead of the fear. 

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