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My name is: Dejah Gomez, The Empress of Sound.

My stomping ground is: Redondo Beach

You can find me at: The ocean.

I’m known for being: A life-giving songstress, a spiritual healer, Mother Nurture, a warm and safe, loving space for healing.

I'm talking about: My mantra album and services as a spiritual healer.

You can find it at: All music platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, iTunes Store and

What brought me to LA was: My dreams and stars in my eyes.

Before I launched this, I was: Completing my BS in psychology.

What inspired me to create it was: My love and passion for chanting and mantra because of how transformative and empowering it is. Chanting played a significant role in my healing process, and I have a deep desire to share and pass it on worldwide.

The idea behind it is: Music as medicine/mantra as a mind wave, a mind vehicle. We chant sacred language for the purpose of purifying, harmonizing and aligning our mind, body and spirit to a balanced state of being where we can operate from our purest expression. We clean and clear the subconscious mind by reprogramming our brain through mantra and chanting.

What makes it different is: It is a soulful way of presenting mantra and chanting.

One thing you can’t miss is: Experiencing freedom, pure bliss, elevation and pure self-expression.

My favorite secret detail is: It is pure ecstasy.

Today’s LA isn’t all plastic surgery and Beverly Hills (like the stereotype). It’s more like: Sankirtan— complete praising, celebrating and glorifying the Divine.

What helps me live my process in LA is: My dedication and devotion to being more loving, more caring and more free through meditation, chanting and mantra.

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