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Do you feel drained by particular people or situations? Have you ever visited a place or met a person and felt uncomfortable or even gotten goosebumps? Have you ever entered a room and gotten a bad vibe? Have you had a prolonged spell of bad luck or have things simply not gone as you wanted?

On the flip side, perhaps you have a special restaurant that you always patronize because it feels so comfortable, warm and inviting. Maybe you’ve spent time with a group of people and felt a really positive vibe.

The energy of a person or ambience of a place can influence how at ease we feel. Certain people or spaces make us feel safe, while others seem to stress us out or drain our energy.

Negative energies created by hostile emotions, ghosts, un-evolved entities, upsetting events and more can affect our emotional and physical wellbeing without our knowledge. If you have a sense that something isn’t right or you feel unsettled at home or at work, then stop, look and listen to your intuition with the confidence that your psychic antenna is as valuable a tool as your sight and hearing for keeping you safe. When you take the time to rebalance the energy of your environments, you can feel more positive, which allows you to create more positive outcomes and feel your best.

As the New Year is coming soon, this is a great time to make sure your space is optimal for personal happiness and fulfillment.

What Is Space Clearing? 

Space clearing is an ancient technique that has been practiced as part of spiritual traditions such as Feng Shui and in Native American culture, as well as in other religious and tribal rites. These rituals were commonly performed by Taoist or Buddhist monks, who chanted special prayers and accompanied their practice with ringing bells and gongs and the burning of incense. They were performed to bless new homes or to cleanse them after an illness in the family. Additionally, many indigenous cultures purify spaces by burning herbs such as sage and cedar or lighting incense or candles scented with natural essential oils.

How To Clear a Space:

1. Quiet your mind. Calm and center yourself. Take a few deep breaths—in and out—slowly.

2. Focus your thoughts on your intention to clear your space of any bad vibes. Breathe fully and deeply, as you focus on your intention.

3. Take time to think carefully about what you want this space clearing to achieve, such as improved sleep, a better atmosphere or maybe the start of a happier, more fulfilled time in your life.

4. In your mind’s eye, see yourself surrounded by a circle of pure light and visualize this light protecting you, helping you to feel strong and vibrant.

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