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The Danish author of Out Of Africa, Isak Dineson, once wrote, “The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.”

It's true—nothing heals like water. That's why so many of us feel a call to the ocean when there is something in us that wants to be healed; we know we will be revived, even reborn, in the depths.

Water is represented by the color blue, which stands for truth. It symbolizes our unconscious, the direction west and life, love and emotion. It has the power to heal, cleanse, refresh and revive. It's the womb, the source of all life and our reflection. Our bodies and the Earth Mother herself are comprised of at least 70 percent water.

As above, so below: the rain and our tears nourish, cleanse and help us grow as beings. When we get blocked and stop flowing, we get diseased. Fear blocks us and love moves us.

Water has great power and great vulnerability. The world's supply is in a dire state, horribly polluted. And clean water—something no life can exist without—is rapidly disappearing on Earth.

So, now that we've moved into the heat of summer and our bodies seek the cool relief of water, it's a perfect time to bless and offer water our healing: When you are in the water, practice filling up your own body with love, healing and purification, sending that light into every cell in your body, seeing yourself as perfectly healed and whole.

Then, let that energy build and vibrate in your heart. Once your heart is filled with healing love, place your hands in or above the water. (The energy from our heart moves through our hands; it's why touch is so healing.) Now, feel the pure love energy from the heart moving out through the hands. Sing to or thank the water for its healing properties.

See it pure and healed and flowing, then extend the blessing to all waters of the Earth. Just like all life and living beings are one, all water is connected as well.

When you finish your healing blessing, say something to close, such as, "So it is; it is done."

As Earth Priestess Starhawk says, "Blessed be the water."

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