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Growing up in North Carolina, my early childhood was full of sweet potatoes. Because of the local abundance and long shelf life, I became accustomed to enjoying this versatile tuber year round at almost every meal. But the taste always reminds me of autumn.

After I made the choice to limit my diet to raw foods, I neglected this comforting and nutritious food for many years. After all, I had only eaten them heavily cooked and never considered their place in a raw-vegan repertoire. But, when I began focusing on juices, I realized I could again enjoy the incredible nutrition and flavor of organic sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes produce a surprising amount of juice and are an easy and more nutrient-rich substitute for the hybridized carrot. Juicing this dense tuber releases the incredible vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that make it one of the most celebrated plant foods.

Here is my favorite sweet potato juice combination:



½ large, organic sweet potato, cubed

1 inch knob organic ginger

½ organic pomegranate, outer portion removed

1 large organic red apple

1 organic orange, skin removed

sprinkle of organic cinnamon

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