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In late summer, many of us are left wondering what to do with the abundance of zucchini.

This raw recipe for Spicy Zucchini Chips is not only a great way to use the different varietals of summer squash, but it’s also super easy, healthy and delicious. Plus, the chips can be stored in an airtight container for at least a month, allowing you to extend the flavors of summer into fall.

I have a Nesco food dehydrator that I use at home and the amount of zucchini listed below filled all four trays. If you have additional trays or have an Excalibur dehydrator, adjust amounts accordingly. And, if you don’t own a dehydrator at all, don’t worry! You can bake these in the oven.

Technically, the chips are considered raw if they are cooked below 110 degrees, but they are still nutritious if your oven doesn’t set quite that low. (Cooking at low temperatures preserves the healthy fats found in the olive oil.)

That said, dehydrated fruits and vegetables make simple, healthy and portable snacks, so, if they are something you enjoy, a home dehydrator is a low-cost investment you might want to consider.



2 ½ pounds yellow and/or green zucchini

2+ tablespoons cold-pressed olive oil

½ teaspoon sea salt

¼ teaspoon ground black pepper

Crushed red chili flakes, to taste



1. Slice zucchini into 1/8-inch rounds and toss with olive oil in a large bowl until well coated.

2. Add sea salt, black pepper and red pepper flakes and toss again.

3. Place zucchini rounds in a single-layer on dehydrator sheets and dry at 110 degrees for about 24 hours or until chips reach desired crispness.

Note: The amount of time in the dehydrator will depend on the climate in which you live. For example, in high humidity areas, it takes much longer for food to dry out.

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