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Rituals acknowledge the existence of a higher power in ourselves and in our world.

One of the primary functions of rituals is to build a spiritual connection in our daily lives. They also reinforce our desires and strengthen our intent, as we work to materialize those desires. At the same time, they remind us of our inseparable connection to the natural world. Rituals can help us to remember that we are part of the rhythms and cycles of nature.

Ritual is a way of both reminding ourselves of our immense capabilities and of calling them into being for our use. This is true power. Thoughts and beliefs are vibrations of energy that can influence us in a very deep way. If we consciously turn within and integrate positive habits to clear, rebalance and heal ourselves, we can move our assimilating abilities “up.” That way, we can better cope and tap into a healthy, clear flow of energy that frees our circuits from being clogged. This process helps us to feel and function better at higher levels of clarity.

Ritual For Self Empowerment:

As you take a shower or bath, meditate upon your intention for self-empowerment.

Allow yourself to feel your inner strength and beauty.

Let go of the useless critic’s voice.

Visualize all of the negativity that you carry with you washing away, down the drain.

After you are finished, when you dry yourself off, look into a mirror and imagine a glowing white light all around you.

Say the following words to yourself:

“I feel my beauty. And my inner strength. I will allow my love, light and laughter to empower me.

And those around me.”

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