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Crystals can receive and hold your intentions. This is called “programming.” The term is used because the process is similar to computer programming: Intentions are energy thought forms like visions, wishes, hopes and affirmations, powered by practice and belief.

The first step is to choose a clear intention, such as feeling peaceful, creating abundance or attracting more love into your life. Focus on the purpose of your wish and the end result you would like. Place the crystal against your brow, between your eyes. (This is where your powerful and intuitive third eye is located.) Close your eyes and go inside the crystal to create a personal thought form. Visualize the end result in your third eye. See it, say it and feel it to make it real.

See the colors, hear the sounds and experience the emotions of your wish. When it feels real, breathe the vision into your crystal, then open your eyes. The vision vibration will be stored in the crystal until it is purposefully cleared out.

Here are specific instructions for the best results to program a crystal.

Step One: Sit down with your crystal in a place where you’re not likely to be disturbed. Get comfortable.

Step Two: Hold the crystal in your dominant hand (right hand if right-handed, for example) and clear your mind of anxious thoughts. Breathe deeply and slowly. Start to focus on your intention for the programming of your crystal.

Step Three: Focus by repeating a mantra of descriptive words aloud. For instance, if you want to program your crystal to bring focus for an important project, repeat the words, “I need more focus for this project,” over and over again. A whisper is fine, or you can repeat your mantra in your mind’s eye.

Step Four: Repeat your intention as you place your other hand over your crystal to lock the vibrations in.

Step Five: Continue to repeat your intention while holding the crystal cupped in both hands, and until it feels as though the crystal has accepted the programming fully.

Step Six: Open your hands and thank the crystal. To access the programming, simply hold and rub the crystal and ask for its programming to be released whenever you need, or until you clear the crystal for your next intention.

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