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This is a recipe for an amazing summer body moisturizer that is easy to make at home. Every ingredient serves it own essential purpose:

Coconut Oil is richly hydrating and also cooling for the skin. Being high in antioxidants, it prevents destructive free-radical activity (known to be the primary cause of aging). It lightens skin spots and other blemishes. It is also high in natural vitamin E, so it can help reduce the appearance of scars.

Olive Oil is very similar to our skin’s own natural oil. It easily absorbs into skin cells for nourishment. It is rich in minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids, so it provides hydration for all skin types without clogging pours.

Lavender is great for fading and preventing scarring. It is especially beneficial for healing burns, blemishes and general skin irritations. And it is a fantastic after sun remedy. The soothing aroma calms the nervous system and reduces stress.

Lavender Whipped Body Oil

2 oz organic virgin Coconut oil

3 oz organic virgin olive oil

30-40 drops of lavender essential


1. Combine all ingredients and whisk briskly in a medium size bowl.

2. Store in a glass jar with a tight lid.

Editor's Note: other recipes for natural skincare that you might enjoy include Juicing Promotes Good Skin and How To: Coconut Honey Hydrating Face Mask.

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