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Recently, I coached a client on how to boost her motivational and confidence levels by detoxifying her life.

It wasn’t just about health and exercise, although those mattered too.  She said she wanted to cleanse her mind of self-criticism, insecurities and negative thinking, so that her path to optimum success and happiness could be unobstructed.

Here’s how we detoxed her life, so you can do the same for yours:

First, we asked the question, “What do you want?”

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, but haven’t gotten round to it? Does it seem to be out of your grasp? Or do you know you want something different, but just don’t know what it is?

In general, we’re so busy doing everyday tasks like going to work, getting the children to school, cleaning and cooking that we don’t do the things we’ve always wanted to do. Answer the questions below to help make some decisions about what you want in the future:

1. What three things in your life don’t you like doing?

2. What three things in your life do you appreciate and like doing?

3. What three things do you value about yourself?

4. What three things limit your success?

5. What thee things have you always wanted to do?

6. Why haven’t you done them?

Now, based on those answers, imagine and describe your ideal life on paper. Who do you want in it? Where do you want to be living? How do you want to spend your time?

You may want to include pictures, colors and fabrics to bring the image to life. Spend time and be creative. Be proud of it, put it up on a wall and look at it everyday. Really see it, feel it, smell it and pretend you are already living it. This is the life you must find the courage to lead. If you think it’s not possible and just a dream, put that belief to the side and find ways to make it happen.

Based on this, you should be able to determine a central change you need to make. There may be more than one issue, but pick the most important first and write it down as your positive goal—as if it is something you have already achieved. For example, if I wanted to have stronger self-confidence so I could be more forceful in meetings and get a promotion, my statement might be: “I am someone who is self-confident and gets my point across in meetings. This will mean I will get the promotion I want.”

Once you have set your goal decide what your target date is for achieving it. Be realistic, but make sure you also challenge yourself, so you are working on it everyday. Remember, if you don’t achieve your goal by your target date, it’s fine. It doesn’t mean you’ve failed. You just need to readjust the date and perhaps redefine the actions you’ll take to make this happen.

Stay tuned for part two!

photo credits: bibiana mesa, christian coigny, kate toluzakova

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