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During the hot summer months, it’s practically impossible to avoid having too much fun in the sun once in a while. This Cucumber Aloe Parsley Soothing Face Mask is one of my go-to remedies for calming and cooling my skin after a beach weekend or even a warm day running around the city.

I don’t like complicated skincare routines, so this mask is easy to prepare and apply, and you probably already have the ingredients on hand at home. I try to keep a bit in the fridge to get the most out of its cooling effects. That way, I can use it throughout the week. (Each batch will last up to seven days).

My Ayurvedic skin type is Pitta, or fire nature, which means that it has red undertones and is prone to inflammation. Cooling treatments like this mask do a fantastic job of keeping skin like mine calm and clear, though it works incredibly well on all skin types—even very sensitive skin.

Each ingredient plays an important role:

Cucumbers are mostly water but they contain natural acids (ascorbic and caffeic) that help to soothe skin and reduce swelling. They also have the exact same pH balance as the skin, so they help balance any skin type.

Aloe is extraordinarily effective at healing all sorts of skin woes, from eczema to sunburns to acne. It contains betacarotene, vitamins C and E, salicylic acid and amino acids, and that's just the beginning! (*We definitely recommend using fresh aloe because many store bought gels contain alcohol, which dries the skin.)

Parsley helps to balance oil production. It is naturally anti-inflammatory and a great skin brightener. It is also high in a wide-range of vitamins and minerals (betacarotene, zinc, calcium, potassium and so much more) that help to keep skin looking radiant.

Here’s the recipe!



2-3 inches of fresh cucumber (wash but no need to peel)

¼ c aloe vera (preferably fresh)

¼ c fresh parsley



Combine all ingredients in a food processor and mix until smooth.

Apply to the face, avoiding eyes.

Leave on for 10-15 minutes, then remove with a cool washcloth.


--Clara Williams. Clara Williams is a certified aromatherapist and esthetician and the founder of skinnyskinny Organics, an exceptional line of certified organic skin, body, hair care and aromatherapy goods. Formulated entirely from plant-based, active botanicals and essential oils in skinnyskinny's Brooklyn, NY workshop, Williams blends nature and science in equal measures to craft highly effective products with proven results.

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