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Uncertainty is certain and change is inevitable. Sometimes we usher change in gently, while on other occasions we get punched in the face with it.

A transitional time can feel like struggling at the bottom of a hamster wheel and can bring up feelings of anxiety, stress and confusion. We are often quick to devalue our experiences, so it’s important to understand that it is normal to feel uncomfortable.

Change can come upon us at different moments and for many reasons: while moving or relocating, experiencing heartbreak or starting a new relationship, being pregnant or becoming a new parent, suffering with grief and illness or shifting careers. A time of change does not yet have roots; it’s a temporary period and, so, we wobble. And that’s okay.

Whether we have ushered change in ourselves or have been swept away and can’t find our footing, one thread that can hold us together is our ability to nurture our minds, bodies and spirits. So, these steps towards self-care are to be moved to the top of our everyday to-do lists:

1. Create A Morning And Evening Practice

Bookend your day with positive elements to give you comfort and stability. In the morning, allow yourself some space. That might mean 30 seconds or an hour, lighting a candle or taking a breath, journaling or meditating. Whatever works for you. This should be your time and be enjoyable. Try a gratitude practice in the evening to ease anxiety and remind you that what you have is enough.

2. Nourish Your Body

Sugar and processed foods are as unstable for the body as change itself and can exacerbate anxiety. Reach for grounding whole foods and nutrient dense meals. Listen to your body and eat for your unique system.

3. Ask For Help

Despite how you may sometimes feel, you are never alone. If you feel unable to see your way through your current challenge, do not hesitate to ask for help. All around, there are people and resources to help you. Help comes in the form of therapists and coaches, journaling and reading, Internet forums and hotlines. Reach out to whichever feels right for you. Even if you usually consider yourself “the strong one,” sometimes being of service means allowing others to be of service to you.

4. Nurture The Present Moment

In these times of change, loss or sadness, know that the present moment is the safest place to be and is, in fact, a comforting spot from which to work. Try meditation techniques and breath work to reel yourself back into the moment as often as possible.

5. Honor Your Journey

Your story is precious and it’s okay not to always feel okay. Sometimes the lesson is blazingly obvious like when you break up with someone who was the wrong partner or are laid-off from the job you hated. Rejection is actually a redirection towards something better. However, many times, it’s hard to see what meaning could possibly come from what you are experiencing. In these times of fear, just lean slowly but surely in the direction of love. Life is made up of a series of cycles for us to embrace and navigate. Have faith in your journey.

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